Le Jouannet at Bucklers Hard – with kind permission ‘CAD Images’


Built in 2007, Le Jouannet (LJ) has spent her years as a charter boat, mostly under the careful care of Fairview Sailing, Port Hamble.  I know sharing a boat isn’t everyone’s idea of boat ownership nirvana however on the plus side she was moored just over an hour drive from home and the charterer income helped us to enjoy cheaper sailing.   In addition to this, because of the certificated condition she attained we were able to donate her to the Ellen Macarther Cancer Trust on a regular basis to use with their young people’s trips, an association we will always be proud to have been part of.


                                                         Round the Island race 2017


As the years passed, and sexier boats joined the fleet, the bookings naturally slowed down and so with our four year plan in place we took her out of charter in September 2017 for a six month refurbishment.  The first thing that hit us was the speed at which six months can pass which runs almost in parallel to how quick our savings disappeared.

The first few months were spent redesigning the front cabin to make larger beds. (we’re both quite tall) and having comfortable new mattresses made. The toilets were ripped out along with all the associated pipework and swapped to nice shiny replacements. All the old lighting went too, replaced with amazing LED’s and of course new blinds.

Just prior to spending Christmas and New Year out of the water in a cradle we took delivery of a unique designed stainless gantry which we fitted whilst the snow fell around us. Several weeks of scraping, painting and polishing came next along with winch and propeller servicing. Late January saw her back in the water and on that same day the mast and all of the rigging was removed for a ten year service. At the same time a generator, water maker, Mastervolt  and tracking (AIS) systems were installed.

March arrived and so did the washing machine and after much head scratching we managed to crowbar that in together with Nina’s special cooker!

Were we ready by our April D-Day ? – Course not – as I’ve often been told by the eloquent Mr Hearsey of Fairview Sailing – “it’s an ongoing project” which I couldn’t agree with more.  So as we set off into the unknown we travel with tool kits, repair kits and spares galore!

Vital Statistics

Length 43ft / 13.1 metres
Beam 4.12 metres
Weight 11,000 kg
Keel Fin Keel of 1.8 metres
Berths 3 double (1 ensuite)
Engine Yanmar 54HP
General looks Very pretty
Mainsail 41.5 sq m
Genoa . 49.50 sq m
Additional Sails Asymmetric Cruising chute.
Water Tanks 2 x 200 litre
Fuel Tank 200 litre
Height of Mast 18.5 metres
Wheels / Helm Twin with Bow Thruster
Navigation . Raymarine E80, Navioncs data Card with radar and AIS
Steers in reverse As all women, only when she’s in a good mood
Extra electrical power Fisher Panda Generator, Solar Panels, Mastervolt Invertor
Extra’s for a princess Washing Machine (IMP Products)
  GM Espace Cooker (Levante 3)


Length 6’4” / 1.9 metres
Beam Definitely
Weight Sufficient
Mileage 16,000
Qualification Yacht Master (Standards were low that day)
History Sailed Dinghies and Windsurfers since School. Learnt Yacht Sailing 15 years ago.  Race skipper for Fairview Sailing and Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust. Competed in many Round the Island Races, Biscay Crossings and the Atlantic Race for Cruisers 2013.


Length 5’10” / 1.55 metres
Beam Never ask a lady that
Mileage 6,000
Qualification Day Skipper
History Came into sailing to avoid the ‘Golf Widow Syndrome’. Has sailed the length of the South Coast from Falmouth to Dover and Cross Channel on numerous occasions. Completed the Round the Island Race 2017 and too many trips in the Solent to list.   She has lots of lovely kit and loves being taken up the Beaulieu.