Sebastian and I

Another uneventful windless, flat sea, foggy passage greeted us as we said goodbye to Dieppe with the intention of making it to either Ouistreham or Honfleur.  It was a longish passage which relied upon some wind to maintain speed and without it we dropped behind schedule and had to dive into, the eye-watering expensive, harbour READ MORE


Having literally bounced our way out of Le Treport, we continued to bounce our way to Dieppe.   With the wind in our face (again), with the sails safely in their bags (again) and the waves smashing over the front of the boat (again) it was another leg with the engine on.    With this went READ MORE

Le Treport

At last somewhere no one has heard of ! We carry 3 guide books and the general advice is that Le Jouannet is about as big a yacht as one can take into this port.   These pessimistic, frankly over cautious, authors warn you of a Sluice gate, perilous uncharted rocks, a confusing lock, drying areas, READ MORE

Boulogne to Le Treport

Flat seas, no wind and with the mist reducing our all-round visibility to about a ½ mile to all points of the compass we set our auto helm for a straight-line, hopefully uneventful, passage to Le Treport.   It was imperative to arrive there at High Water +/- 1 hour, due to the drying sand banks READ MORE


Entering France’s largest fishing port we were initially directed to moor directly under the concrete ramps for the ferry terminal which wasn’t, I felt, conducive to our continental relaxing experience. We later discovered that the entire terminal had been closed since 2010 when the last commercial ferry left and has since become rather derelict however READ MORE

France here we come

Discarding my newly acquired plumbing skills and a potential career in Gynaecology, we left Ramsgate at 0600 for France and Boulogne. It was a very bright Sunday morning as we said our farewells to the UK for a while.  To say the Dover Strait is a bit of a busy shipping lane is an understatement.  READ MORE

Blue Jobs & Pink Jobs

The subject of Boat toilets (or Heads – just so the reader realises that I do have some Nautical knowledge) is the source of much discussion and consternation.    Never a word is spoken when they’re working, however the moment they don’t it suddenly becomes a ‘Blue Job’ (a Boy job) and is almost instantly elevated READ MORE

Southbound to France

Whilst stuck in Lowestoft, yet again, this time due to thick fog, we wandered to the Bus Station and decided we would spend the day wherever the next bus took us.   The Southwold bus was cancelled and so we ended up in Great Yarmouth!   I’m trying to think of something good to say about the READ MORE