The Thames Estuary

Crossing the Thames Estuary was to be our first major navigational test, so it was time to be serious for once.   I do understand that as a yacht we are somewhat insignificant in relation to the quantity of shipping and often unseen by larger vessels.   Add to this the shifting sand banks, enormous wind farms READ MORE

‘Permission to enter Dover, over’

We exited Eastbourne Lock and wiggled our way around the mud, that appears at low water, and headed in the direction of Dover. Met with glorious sunshine and a feint breeze from the South West our next navigation point was Dungeness.  This was spotted just after the conclusion of BBC Radio 2’s Pop Quiz (That’s READ MORE

Through the mist

Due to the tides we spent an extra day in Brighton, spending a great evening with Bob and Sharon and we even did the tourist bit of the Royal Pavillion.  The plan for the next morning was an early off to catch the last of the eastbound tide however when you wake up and cannot READ MORE

Unknown waters at last.

Leaving Chichester we turned East into unknown waters which seems a strange thing to say being so close to the Solent but we’d never sailed in this direction before.   We can also safely say ‘We’ as this includes Le Jouannet as there are no historical records of her visiting Littlehampton or Brighton before, so we are READ MORE


Having abandoned plans of France because of the roaring southerly winds in our face and the time spent getting repairs and recovering from a ‘man injury’, no time to mention Nina’s trip to the local NHS Minor Injuries Unit with deep cut finger, a week had passed. During this period, I’d taken the eye off READ MORE

The trip finally starts …. and stops.

Mileage 0 : Start Point Yarmouth Pier.    9am on the dot the sun shone the wind dropped we slipped lines from Yarmouth refreshed and with a plan.   As we waved off the berthing master, tucked away the fenders and turned LJ on to 090 degrees I couldn’t help but notice that the Raymarine Navigation system, READ MORE

D – Day arrives

It all started so well, 4 years in the planning, 6 months of refurbishment, a fantastic sending off party and long made plan to travel to France and enjoy a month of Gaelic charm and culture, not to mention the wine and cheese. But then the weather just said No-way Mr Davis… the wind screamed READ MORE

The quiet slip away …

…… ‘We’ll say our goodbyes and slip away quietly’ …… was always the intention – no fuss – no razzamatazz.   What started as a simple …   ‘Cheerio see you in eight months kids’  …  ended up with a surprise sailing weekend culminating with a full blown ‘Salty’s @ Yarmouth party with dancing on tables, a READ MORE