The Adventures of ‘Rattie’

….“There is nothing – absolutely nothing better than messing about in boats” …. said ‘Rattie’ in Wind of the Willows.    This timeless tale was written by Kenneth Graeme whilst convalescing in Fowey from tuberculosis.  And it was here, in a small corner of Cornwall, that we next landed and spent more days than we expected READ MORE

To Boldly Go….

Yes, I know ‘To boldly go’ is a split infinitive, but Cpt Kirk got away with it and so shall I. So we never quite made it round the UK but in the six months aboard our alternative plan took us to all of the South Coast of the UK the Northern Coast of France, READ MORE

Up Dandy’s Hole

“Let’s be brave and not go to Marinas for the next two weeks, we can anchor at night and explore secluded rivers”…. this was another one of those seemingly great ideas that are agreed upon during a libation – or three.    It all sounds like the stuff of dreams and adventure with exciting times laying READ MORE

Go West

Saying our goodbyes to Sienna’s crew and with the promise of meeting again soon in Jersey once our livers have recovered, we started west. After a brief overnight stop at Lymington we exited the Solent early, passing its fortress guard of Hurst Castle.  This grim, isolated building served as a prison for King Charles I READ MORE

Series 2, Episode 1

With memories of last year’s departure party which included a broken nose, a suspected heart attack, bouncers slinging customers out, lost clothing and massive hangovers we adopted a quieter approach to the start of 2019’s adventure. So on Tuesday 16th April at 0600 sharp we parted company with our winter home and once again we READ MORE