latest update April  2020..

With the UK and France in lock down the ‘Adventures’ have obviously ground to a halt. 
Le Jouannet is sitting in her cradle surrounded with other boats in a locked yard on the River Vilaine.   We managed to visit her the week before the lock down and all was well within silent, and very full, boat yard.
In the meantime we must obey the restrictions, support  each other and be grateful for our NHS..     

Feel free to track us on our journey through using our boat name Le Jouannet or just Click Here to find our latest position.
Our furthest points of the compass reached thus far can be seen under –  ‘To boldly go’ 

If you want to e-mail us and we’d love to hear from you we’re on  



Please be assured that this is neither a literary work of genius nor will it constitute any form of guide to sailing.  Reference to any technical knowhow or sailing skill was probably copied from someone else.